Choose your Eyeconic Lash Style

Cat’s Meow

Cat’s Meow is a sultry flare on the outer corners to add a little tease seamlessly into your natural lashes. Lash extensions will be applied to the outer edge of your eye, but is a perfect look if you want to try them out for the first time to see how the process goes or if want a little something extra.

Pin Up Page

The Pin Up Page keeps it hush hush by enhancing your natural lashes with just enough length and volume while keeping the lashes thin and fresh looking. Varying lengths are applied throughout and follow your natural lash line.


The Monroe creates a bedroom cat eye with a touch of Hollywood glam. Flattering for most eyes, these lashes elongate at the outer corners to bring the eye up and out.

I Love That Lucy

The I Love That Lucy is a playful doll shape to brighten and open any eye shape. The lashes are shorter in the corners while gradually getting longer and fuller towards the middle of the eye, making the eye appear larger.

Sitting Pretty Kimmy K

Kimmy K’s lashes are the epitome of modern day dramatic Hollywood. This involves 2D volume and dimension that goes beyond a basic set to make the lashes appear dramatic and fabulous.  This service is an upgrade that can be added to any style you choose. $60 Upgrade



Not ready (for your lashes) to come out of the closet?  This set uses a brown lash with minimal curl so your secret is safe!

The Clooney

Is a subtle enhancement for the modern day man.  It takes you from business meeting to your Tinder date.

RuRu’s Drag

Sache Shante your way down the cat walk with a strong, bold, glamorous look.  2D/3D volume lashes are mixed in with your full set to get the great volume you heart has always desired.


Russian Volume Lashes are created by your lash artist during your service by using incredibly soft, fine, light silk lashes.  Depending on how natural or dramatic you would like your full set to be, density can be achieved by adding multiple extensions to create fuller looks.  Your lash artist will grab up to 2 to 10 silk lashes and create a fan, then will place it on one natural lash.  This talent does take longer than a classic full set but is well worth the time.

Natural 2D/Classic Mix

Full Set $250 (120min)
1WK $100 (60min)
(up to 7 days after full set or fill)
2 WK Fill $125 (75min)
3 WK to 4WK Fill $150 (75min)
(After 4wks a full set is required)


FULL SET $300 (150MIN)
1WK FILL $100 (60MIN)
(up to 7 days after full set or fill)
2 WK FILL $150 (120MIN)
3 WK to 4 WK FILL $185 (120MIN)
(After 4 wks a full set is required)


FULL SET $400 (150 TO 200MIN)
1 Wk Fill $125 (60 MIN)
(up to 7 days after full set or fill)
2 WK Fill $175 (120 MIN)
3 WK to 4WK Fill $200 (120 MIN)
After 4wks a full set is required


Choose Your Lash


Silk Lashes are more durable and flexible, easy to comb, keep their curl longer, and are shiny and darker than faux mink making silk a better choice.  They also have a tendency to last longer because of their flexibility.

$200 – Full Set (90 min)
$75 – Fill | 1 week (up to 7 days after full set or fill) 45min
$100 – Fill | 1-2 weeks (60min)
$110 – Fill | 3 week (70min)
$140 – Fill | 4 week (70min)
(5 weeks and after a full set is required)

100% Siberian Mink
(cruelty free)

100% Siberian Mink is a hollow, weightless hair and very thin, which is perfect for our Eyeconic women with thin natural lashes, or for that perfect natural fluffy look. Siberian lashes can also be added to a silk set for extra dimension by utilizing a technique called capping.  See add-on’s for capping.

$350 – Full set (90 min)
$125 – Fill | 1 week (45min) (up to 7 days after full set or fill)
$175 – Fill | 2 week (60min)
$185 – Fill | 3 week (70min)
$200 – Fill | 4 week (70min)
 (5 weeks and after full set is required)

Faux Mink

Faux Mink also known as synthetic mink is your most basic material used for extensions and most local lash bar’s use. Faux mink is not quite as flexible, dark or shiny as our silk lash however can be a great first step to trying lash extensions.

$150 – Full set (90min)
$45 – Fill | 1 week (45min)
$65 – Fill | 2 weeks (60min)
$75 – Fill | 3 weeks (60min)
$90 – Fill | 4 weeks (70min)

Matte Out

Matte Out Lashes – Darken up lashes without the shine to the perfect black-out look. For eyes sensitive to glare or a desire for dark black intensity.

Full Set $200,  Fill $100, Touchup $65

Cat’s Meow

Outer edges of eyes only.

Fox $135, Mink $125, Silk $118, Faux Mink $59

Outside Fill

This is required when you are visiting The Eyeconic Lash for the first time and you have lash extensions that were applied by another lash bar.

Faux Mink $70, Silk $118, Siberian Mink $195


Get a little something extra

Lights, Color, Action!

full $200, fill $100, touchup $65 (color lashes)

Keeping up with the latest trend, add in a splash of color for a fun edgy look. Add just a hint, or go all the way!

Brown Silk Lashes

full $200, fill $100, touchup $65

Fabulous for the Blonde Bombshell! Compliments your fair hair and skin tone with the perfect brown lash.

Star Quality

$1.00 per lash (glitter lashes)

Add a sparkle to your lashes by adding our glittered lashes throughout your set. Perfect for special occasions or girls’ night out on the town!

Upgrade Waterproof Glue

$20 full set / $12.50 fill

Great for active women and beach/water trips.  Or if you don’t have time to come in twice a month.

Upgrade Sensitive Glue

$20 full set & $20 fill

Great for women with sensitive skin.

Tidy Up Wax


Just a quick clean up on the brow or upper lip

Lash & Brow Tinting

Individually $25, Both $40

Highly recommended for people with light toned lashes and brows. Darken and enhance your brows and lashes to compliment your full set! Please book before your full set or fill.

Additional A La Carte Add-Ons

Bottom Lash Extensions:
Full Lash Line (60min)
$50 Light Lash Line (30min)
$30 100% Siberian Mink Add On
$30 Silk Add On-mix with any set or fill
$35 Silk Capping
$60 Real Siberian Mink Capping
$35-15min 2D-3D Volume Add On
$65- 30min 2D/3D Volume Add On
Brow and Lash Tint $40
Brow Or Eyelash Tint (just one area) $25