5 Easy Tips to Cleansing Your Lash Extensions

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1. First brush out your lashes with a mascara wand aka Spoolie. You can purchase these at The Eyeconic Lash, online, Amazon, eBay, etc. Make sure to wash your wand with anti-bacterial soap weekly.

2. Then rinse your lashes with water, you can do this before or during your shower.

3. Get an oil free makeup remover or cleanser. We recommend Eyeconic’s Starlet Cleanser or Almay water-based eye makeup remover. Tip/pump this cleanser onto your fingertips using the index finger and thumb or your 2 lint free lip gloss applicators. Do not use a cotton ball or pad directly on your lashes because this can snag your pretty lashes.

4. Once you have the cleanser or makeup remover on your fingers or lint free lip gloss applicators, gently pinch your lashes together, as if you were sandwiching your lashes between your fingers. This can be repeated for or lovely ladies who love to wear mascara.

5. Then rinse your lashes with water and brush them gently with your mascara wand.

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